Holiday Self-Care Survival Guide

The holiday season is here... are you ready?! Aside from meal planning, decorating, and shopping, are YOU prepared for the whirlwind, end-of-the-year, holiday chaos? Whether you are hoping to stay on course with your health goals, or merely stay sane, these Holiday Self-Care Survival Tips will help you better prepare for the inevitable. Let me know which suggestions resonate most, and please share other strategies you can’t live without.

Begin Again

Several years ago, I took a mindfulness meditation class and the concept of “Begin Again” became an integral part of my daily life. In meditation, when your mind starts to wander and you recognize the distraction, the phrase Begin Again is often used to bring your attention back to your breath. This act of “awareness and return” IS the practice of meditation. It gave me permission to mess up repeatedly without beating myself up (a useful tool for recovering perfectionists!).

My Story

Growing up as a competitive gymnast, I had a fierce determination and tremendous appreciation for hard work, focus, and risk taking. After a back injury ended my gymnastics career, I switched to dance as my exercise and creative outlet — earning a BFA, then performing and choreographing professionally for several years before settling into "real" work.


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