What to Expect

Our sessions will be guided based on your expressed health concerns and the wellness goals we establish together. We will explore aspects of your past and current life situations to bring more balance to all components that make up a healthy, vivid life.

This isn’t a cookie cutter program… your health journey is unique to you and I’ll serve as your guide to help you rediscover the wisdom within your own body and mind. I’ll come prepared to discuss designated topics for each session, but also be open to what is most pressing for you in the moment. Ultimately, we are seeking to bring about more balance for a healthy life.

All sessions within the 6-month program are 50-minutes in length, scheduled every other week. We’ll start each session by discussing what has occurred since the last session and celebrate your successes. We will focus on one main topic and I will ask questions, listen intently, and offer suggestions. Together we will determine the next best steps (i.e. homework) to keep you on track and moving forward to meet your goals.

Our work may be challenging or emotional at times, and can also be light-hearted and fun.

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